Sunday, July 23, 2017

Round by Joyce Sidman illustrated by Taeeun Yoo**

Out of the stack of picture books my son and I read together yesterday, this book was my favorite.  The text is simple (deceptively) that it will appeal to preschoolers (or astute toddlers), but it also can be used with older students as Ms. Sidman discusses the reasons why so many things in creation are round.  Someone who is mathematically and scientifically inclined could build on her points.  I like how she takes aspects so seemingly simple and reveals the complexity of them (concepts I take for granted each day!)
 Her discussions all point to a Creator.
After reading it, this book begs for the adult reader to take his/her child out on a nature walk to look for round things in nature.
Point to discuss: One page features the stars and says that they have formed slowly over time and have been there for billions of years.
I own several of Ms. Sidman's books.  They are all well written and thoroughly researched.
**Highly, highly recommend.
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Tree by Britta Teckentrup*

A Peek Through Picture Book
I liked Bee so much by Ms.Teckentrup that I wanted to read this one by her too.
The story begins with a tree in winter with an owl nestled inside it.  Gradually, the season changes and more creatures appear through the cut-aways.  The book ends with winter again.
The rhyming text will appeal to the younger crowd and beginning readers.
-Borrowed from the library.
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The Lonely Giant by Sophie Ambrose

A giant loves to smash and bash his surroundings.  He, however, has smashed so many trees that the wildlife flees.  As a result, he is lonely.  A yellow bird flits by one day and brings cheer to him so he places it in a cage.    The bird becomes sad in the cage so the giant releases the bird.    The giant then sets out to remedy his errors and to bring back creatures.
I liked the illustrations in this book.
-Borrowed from the library.

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The Little Apple Seed by Debbie Henne illustrated by John Torre

Ms. Henne is a local author who wrote this story for her children and then read it at her home school co-op.  The co-op students responded so positively to it that she published the story.
A little apple seed desires to share something special with those around him.  He, however, becomes frustrated with all the changes happening to him that do not seem to be helping him do/be something special.  Imagine his surprise when after six  years some unusual changes begin to occur . . .is this the start of his "something special"?
My seven year old liked this book.
A good book to utilize when talking to your child about his/her own uniqueness, God's special purpose for his/her life and the importance of being patient as God develops him/her into the person He wants him/her to be.
-Borrowed from the library.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Near One Cattail : Turtles, Logs, and Leaping Frogs by Anthony D. Fredericks illustrated by Jennifer DiRubbio

In rhyming text, this book focuses on life at a pond surrounded by cattails.
Food chains can be easily found.
The illustrations are beautiful.
Additional facts about each creatures are in the back.  The author holds to evolution and old earth theory.
-Borrowed from the library.

Triangle by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Triangle goes to visit square because he wants to play a trick on him.  His trick is successful but can he tolerate a joke played on him?
Not a favorite.
-Borrowed from the library.

Wings of Fire-Moon Rising #6 by Tui T. Sutherland

My ten year old son read this book in a day!
Moonwatcher and the other dragonets of prophecy are relieved that the war is finished and are settling down in Jade Mountain Academy where they are teachers.  Moonwatcher, however, can read minds and seethe future.  She is troubled by what she sees.
Guided Reading Level: X (6th grade)
-Borrowed from the library.