Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Ranger's Apprentice -The Lost Stories by John Flanagan*

My eleven year old read this book to himself.
The book begins with professors and students at a dig in The Republic of Aralan States (formerly the medieval kingdom of Araluen) in July 1896.  Audrey, a young student volunteer, finds an outline of an ancient cabin.  Within the cabin, she and Professor MacFarlane discover the Lost Stories of Araluen.  The rest of the book contains 9 of those stories with an afterword circling back to MacFarlane and Audrey.
*Highy recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.
The library categorizes as "young adult".

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sam the Man and the Chicken Plan by Frances O'Roark Dowell illustrated by Amy June Bates*

My eight year old read this book to himself and then gave it to me to read.
Second grader, Sam, wants to earn $20 a pop like his older sister Annabelle does when she mows the neighborhood's lawns.  When she is too busy to take care of Mrs. Kerner's chickens, Sam volunteers.  When his classmates share special objects for show -n -tell, Sam realizes he is not an expert on anything like they are.  He decides he wants to be a chicken expert.  Now he just needs a chicken!
Perfect series for transitional readers.
*Highly recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place #3 The Unseen Guest by Maryrose Wood illustrated by Jon Klassen*

Audio book read by Katherine Kellgren (*We absolutely love her narration.  It is superb!)
Penelope and the children have survived London and have return to Ashton Place.  Lord Frederick's mother comes for a visit, bringing along Admiral Faucet who wishes to marry her.  Mother Ashton, however, is still mourning her husband's death.  Then the Admiral's prize racing ostrich escapes and he asks the "wolf" children to track her.  To add to the excitement, someone who is thought dead reveals himself as alive or is it just a scheme?  Miss Penelope Lumley once again proves resourceful and intelligent as she deals with the latest mystery concerning the Ashton family tree.
We love, love this series.

*Highly recommend.
Warning: They have a seance to see if Lord Ashton would approve of Mother Ashton marrying the Admiral.

The Ranger's Apprentice #10 The Emperor of Nihon-Ja by John Flanagan*

My eleven year old read this book to himself.  He loves this series.
This book focuses on Horace and how he assists Will and other Araluen warriors to place Nihon-Ja back on his throne.
*Highly recommend.-
-Borrowed from the library.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Side Tracked by Diana Harmon Asher*

Joseph has ADD and finds solace in the resource room with his teacher Mrs. T.  For all of his life his peers have made fun of him.  As far as friends, he has none.  Little does he know how pivotal his decision to join the cross country team is.  Not only does he toughen up physically, but also mentally and emotionally.  He also finds his first friend.  Heather.
A beautiful story about friendship and perseverance.
Ms. Asher has developed a very likable character.  She permits us to perceive life from a person with ADD.  Humor abounds too!  I also loved how Ms. Asher integrates the grandfather and how he helps Joseph.  The grandfather has more of a role than Joseph's parents.
*Highly recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Grumbles from the Forest Fairy-Tale Voices with a Twist by Jane Yolen and Rebecca Kai Dotlich illustrated by Matt Mahurin

Different poem structures revisit familiar fairy tales.  The speakers of the poems reveal new perspectives on these old tales. 
I read these poems aloud to my boys in the mornings. 
-We own this book.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Ranger's Apprentice #9 Halt's Peril by John Flanagan*

My eleven year old read this book to himself.
Will and Halt are pursuing a cult called the Outsiders.  The cult's assassins ambush Will and Halt, and Halt is near death from a poison arrow.  Will travels through Grimsdell Wood in search of the person with the antidote, Malkallam the Sorcerer. 
*Highly recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.