Friday, July 14, 2017

North or Be Eaten! #2 Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson*

Janner, Tink, Leeli Igiby recently discovered that they are heirs to a kingdom across the sea.  The Fangs that rule the land know that the Igiby children must be terminated if they want to continue their reign.  Where can the children, their mother Nia and their grandfather Podo flee to  be safe?  In the Ice Prairies, the Fangs (reptile in nature) would not be able to survive so the group retreats north.  Along the way they encounter monsters in Glipwood Forest, dishonest Stranders, the torturous Fork Factory, and Grey Fangs (wolf-like Fangs).  Whom can they trust?  Does their own Podo have secrets that may jeopardize the group?
Very exciting and full of adventure!
*Highly recommend.
-We own the book (we own the entire series-4 books).

At times I was quite sad about the evil characters in the book and the darkness/evil felt so heavy.  So Mr. Peterson was quite effective in creating that dark ambiance to display the depth of the evil in the characters.  As a reader I have come quite attached to the Igiby/Wingfeather children.

There are less footnotes in this book which was a relief!

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