Sunday, July 23, 2017

Round by Joyce Sidman illustrated by Taeeun Yoo**

Out of the stack of picture books my son and I read together yesterday, this book was my favorite.  The text is simple (deceptively) that it will appeal to preschoolers (or astute toddlers), but it also can be used with older students as Ms. Sidman discusses the reasons why so many things in creation are round.  Someone who is mathematically and scientifically inclined could build on her points.  I like how she takes aspects so seemingly simple and reveals the complexity of them (concepts I take for granted each day!)
 Her discussions all point to a Creator.
After reading it, this book begs for the adult reader to take his/her child out on a nature walk to look for round things in nature.
Point to discuss: One page features the stars and says that they have formed slowly over time and have been there for billions of years.
I own several of Ms. Sidman's books.  They are all well written and thoroughly researched.
**Highly, highly recommend.
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