Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fox Outfoxed by James Marshall

My first grader read this book to himself.
Three humorous stories with Fox displaying his crazy, crafty antics.
The first story has Fox racing Carmen in his car with no engine or pedals.  He has a secret weapon for winning!
The second story, Comic Fox, Fox is outfoxed by his new pretty neighbor as she manages to take his 10 favorite comics.
And in the third story, Fox is horrified he must take along his sister Louise trick or treating.  He comes up with a scheme to free up his evening from his responsibility of watching her . . .then regrets it when he thinks she has turned into a pumpkin and he by accident smashes it (her).
Guided Reading Level: J (2nd grade)
Warning: Fox is mean to his sister Louise and calls her Halloween costume "dumb".  The mom's reply? "You're so mean."    Fox lies when he says he wasn't fooled-"I was just playing along.".  His mom doesn't call him on it, just says, "You're so smart.".  A character says "oh my gosh".

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