Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Plot to Kill Hitler by Patricia McCormick*

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Spy, Unlikely Hero
Ms. McCormick's ability to write about an complex life such as Bonhoeffer astounded me!  Not only did she include information about Bonhoeffer's early life but she also delves into how a Pacifist reconciled it was okay to be part in a plot to kill Hitler. She lays out  the events in World War II in an interesting manner and shifts through the abundance of facts of that era to engage the reader from start to finish.  All along, of course, she is tracing Bonhoeffer's life events  and decisions during this specific time period.
It takes an excellent writer to create an accurate depiction of person's complicated life and an intricate time in history all the while making it interesting and understandable for kids!
She exemplifies this quote by Einstein, "The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple."
Photographs of Bonhoeffer and his family are scattered throughout the book.
*Highly recommend.
-I own this book.

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