Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel illustrated by Jim Tierney

We listened to this book on Audio CD read by Nick Podehl.
This book is a gripping adventure story which takes place on the 900- car train The Boundless which is traversing the Canadian Pacific Railroad.
Riding first class, Will is enjoying all the benefits of the wealthy on The Boundless.  At a stop, he, however, witnesses a murder and he recognizes the killer.  For the rest of the voyage Will is trying to escape the murder and warn his father about the danger.   Will reunites with Maren, a tightrope walker and Mr. Dorian, a circus ringmaster both whom he had met three years earlier.  With their help Will is hoping to reach his father and warn him before it is too late.
As the story unfolds, the reader will learn that all the characters are not who they seem to be.
A mixture of historical fiction, fantasy and adventure.
I wished I had been reading this aloud instead of listening.  I would have skipped parts (seeing warning below).  When I did not like something, I fast forwarded so I don't know if some events were expounded upon.
Good opportunity to discuss greed and its affects and Will's decision about what he will do in the coming years.
Warning/points to discuss: swearing (a**, dn, 'ell), violence (murder, Sasquatch kills someone, fighting), sensuality (Will likes Marian and enjoys physical contact they have-nothing inappropriate occurs-he just thinks about how he enjoys when her hand is on his back/in his hand etc; When Marian wears her circus outfits men check her out; mentions men going into bedrooms with women dancers), drinking/smoking (Will does drink a couple of times), stealing

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