Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Someday Birds by Sally J. Pla illustrated by Julie McLaughlin*

I love birds so this book was a delight for me!
Charlie who is obsessive-compulsive and on the autism spectrum travels cross country with his boy crazy sister and two younger twin brothers and a woman he and his siblings barely know to be with their dad in Virginia.  Their father was hit by an IED and is suffering from a brain injury.  The hospital and the doctors there are suppose to be the best.
To console himself, Charlie searches for birds in particular states which on his and his father's "someday list".
What I like the most about this book is the author is not preachy about Charlie's differences nor does she have an agenda . . .she develops him and the other characters intentionally yet subtly that the reader feels like he/she is right there with them, watching them be transformed by experiences.

Mrs. Pla, however, did have an error in her research.  In PA the group stops in Amish country.  She says an Amish barn had hex signs on it but Amish and Mennonites consider them "pagan" (unless the Amish girl, Anna, was acting a part in the restaurant wasn't really Amish).  Anna, the "Amish girl" says "gosh" which would not be permitted.
Warning: a few swear words (not throughout)
-Borrowed from the library.
*Highly recommend.

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