Monday, August 15, 2016

By the Great Horn Spoon! by Sid Fleischman*

What a fun read!
This title was highly recommended on a blog I read and on Amazon it had great reviews.
If you have boys (and girls) who like adventure, this book will satisfy.
Jack and his sisters live with his Aunt Arabella and the butler, Praiseworthy,  in Boston.   Arabella falls on hard times and her inheritance is almost depleted. The family home may have to be sold.  Jack has heard about men striking it rich in California so he runs away, hoping to save the family home.  He, however, does not travel the tumultuous seas alone . . .faithful Praiseworthy joins the adventure.
Each chapter is full of excitement and predicaments.  I loved anticipating how Praiseworthy would rescue them from impending disaster.
*We absolutely loved this book and highly, highly recommend it!
-We own this book.
Guided Reading Level: V (5th grade)
Grade Level Equivalent: 6.2
Strategies: inferring, predicting, asking questions, character traits, vocab. expansion (Gold Rush and ship terminology), schema building
Warning/point to discuss: tobacco use-especially cigars and chewing tobacco.

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