Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies*

My six year old really wanted me to read this aloud to him and his older brother (his older brother could have read it to himself no problem) so I did.
Evan Treski is mad.  His eight year old sister,  Jessie,  is so smart while he struggles in every area at school.  Now, with five days until school begins for the year, he discovers that his sister is skipping third grade, will be entering fourth grade and will be in HIS class!  His jealousy and insecurities mask themselves in anger and meanness.  He says some cruel words and begins The Lemonade War.  Whoever sells the most lemonade by Sunday, takes the loser's earnings.
The competition becomes really fierce and both Evan and Jessie have to live with the severe consequences to their actions.
The chapters alternate between the two sibling's point of view.
An economics/business word is each chapter's title.  The word is defined too.
Guided Reading Level: S (4th grade)
Grade Level Equivalent: 4.1
Points to discuss/warnings: Evan and Jessie's dad left them and their mom a couple of years ago.  Both of them say really mean words to each other and are quite cruel to each other ("I hate you" and words like "stupid" "dumb" "jerk" are frequently used). Lying occurs and keeping things from their mother is frequent.
I was able to discuss the importance of not jumping to conclusions and the importance of communicating with my sons through this story.  I also pointed out how jealousy fosters anger and horrible acts.
My oldest son did not enjoy how meanly the siblings treated each other.
*Highly recommend but be prepared to discuss warnings above.
-We own this book.
*First book in a series.

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