Saturday, August 13, 2016

When Willard Met Babe Ruth by Donald Hall illustrated by Barry Moser

When my nine year old was sick recently, I read this short chapter book aloud to him.
Willard's father loves baseball and so does Willard.  One of their favorite players is Babe Ruth.  As they were driving their flock of sheep home, a roadster slides into the ditch.  The driver?  The Babe!  Willard's father pulls him out of the ditch.  Before he leaves, the Babe gives Willard a glove!  This encounter begins a lifelong relationship with the Babe.
The author moves time along quickly so the reader experiences Willard's life from the time he is twelve until he is a married man with a daughter.  I really liked how historical aspects are carefully included so the reader can see how lifestyles and the United States change over time.
I did not, however, agree with the main character's (and the author's)  politics!
A great combination book-historical fiction and biography.
Warning: At least three times the Babe says the "d" word.
-We own this book (the woman who hired me for my first teaching job gave it to me when she retired).
Guided Reading Level: R (4th grade)
Grade Level Equivalent: 5.5

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