Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea by Robert Burleigh illustrated by Raul Colon*

Marie Tharp Maps the Ocean Floor
As a child Marie Tharp traveled around the United States with her father as he mapped fields for farmers.  As a college student, she pursued science even though not many women were scientists in the 1940's.  Despite unfair treatment from men at her job, Marie persevered and proved that she was as competent as any man.  She eventually mapped the ocean floors, beginning with the Atlantic Ocean.  Her work allowed her to realize that there was a rift running along the Atlantic Ocean floor, confirming the theory of the continental drift.
Told in first person.
Mr. Burleigh provides more information about Marie Tharp in the back plus includes a glossary and thought-provoking questions to stimulate more learning about maps.
*Highly recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.
Pair with The Tree Lady by H. Joseph Hopkins.

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