Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Bark of the Bog Owl by Jonathan Rogers**

Aiden lives a peaceful life with his father and three brothers, tending sheep on the family farm.
When Bayard the Truthspeaker announces that Aiden is Corewald's future king, he and is family are incredulous.
Adventure awaits Aiden as Prythen armies invade Corewald, flaunting their secret weapon, a giant.  Who will fight this giant?
My boys and I absolutely loved this book.  Each chapter contains adventure and humor.    It is also very well written and the plot moves along quickly with excellent character development.
My favorite chapter were ones that featured the feechiefolk.
The author incorporates the plot of King David's life as a boy into this story.  Readers will enjoy making the connections.
**Highly, highly recommend.
The first book in the trilogy-The Wilderking Trilogy.
-Borrowed from the library but definitely want to buy this series!!
Strategies: making connections (T-T), inferring, vocab. development, character traits

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