Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Chronicles of Narnia #6-The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis*

Eustace and Jill enter Narnia and set out to accomplish a task for Aslan which requires them to face the Witch.
My nine year old read this book to himself.  This is his review/summary:
"I really liked it.  There were giants in it.  They went underground and met these people who were under the Witch's spell.  The evil people took them to the Witch's castle.  Then she wasn't there so they took them to another person who was under the Witch's spell. The person was really Prince Rillian.  The only time he is allowed to speak correctly (not tell lies) is when he is in the silver chair.  But the silver chair is what bewitches him.  They release him.  Then the Witch returns and she tries to hypnotize them too." He did not want to give away the ending!
He said one part was gruesome (beheading the Witch).
*Highly recommend.
-We own this book.
Guided Reading Level: W (end of 5th grade/beginning of 6th)
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