Monday, October 17, 2016

Miss Spitfire by Sarah Miller*

Reaching Helen Keller
Ms. Miller carefully researched Annie Sullivan's life and utilized the letters Annie wrote to her housemother at Perkins (School for the Blind) to write this book.  Told in first person from Annie's point of view, the book brings to life the emotions Annie must have felt that first month when she was first working with Helen.
Interspersed throughout the book are flashbacks to Annie's life as a child with her sick mother and drunken father, at the almshouse -Tewksbury and at Perkins School for the Blind.
After reading this book I have a whole new appreciation and respect for Annie Sullivan.
Photographs and timeline are included at the back of the book.
Warnings: abusive father, inappropriate cook at Tewksbury (nothing explicit just that- his hands would go where they had no business), whores are mentioned twice (again, nothing explicit-just mentioned that they were there).
*Highly recommend for older readers (because of the warnings).
-Borrowed from the library.

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