Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Voyage to Magical North by Claire Fayers

Brine does not remember her parents or her home country.  All she recalls is sitting in a rowboat, clutching a starshell (which contains magic).  A magician took her in as a servant.  The other house occupant, Peter, the magician's apprentice, annoys her beyond belief.  Together they escape their less than ideal lives.  Cassie O'Pia, a famous pirate, rescues them and gives them the opportunity to begin new lives-one with danger, adventure and hope.   To their horror, an evil magician that Cassie had supposedly destroyed emerges and uses his magic to achieve power, enough to control the whole world.  Will Peter, an amateur magician, Cassie, an optimistic pirate and Brine, an intelligent planner, overcome this powerful magic?  Can they preserve the stories of human and the world?
The end of the book gave the impression that a sequel may be coming.
Points to discuss: worldview-evolution; feelings of being insignificant, accidental humans
                              Tom, a character introduced in the middle of the book, was told he was a girl his whole life but figured out he was a boy.

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