Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Wilderking Trilogy #2 The Secret of the Swamp King by Jonathan Rogers*

Aidan, the youngest son of Errol, has been destined to fulfill the prophecy of the Wilderking but only his family knows about the prophecy.    After helping Corenwald defeat the mighty Pyrthens, King Darrow invites Aidan to live at his castle and learn the ways of the court.  Over time, however, King Darrow becomes jealous of Aidan and his popularity among the people.  His jealous drives him to send Aidan on an impossible mission to the Feechiefen Swamp where no one ever comes back.  As he encounters unusual individuals and challenging circumstances, he discovers that someone is destroying the beloved land and that someone is posing as an impostor Wilderking.  Who is this individual? Can Aidan stop him before he destroys Corenwald and the feeichiefolk?
-We own this book.
*Highly recommend.

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