Friday, February 10, 2017

America's Tea Parties Not One But Four! by Marissa Moss*

Ms. Moss shares about the four different tea/tax protests in the Colonies in 1773.  Boston was joined by Philadelphia, Charleston and New York in refusing to allow the tea to come on land and to pay the tax.
Ms. Moss includes a lot of interesting historical insights and background surrounding the tea parties.
Engravings, paintings and copies of pamphlets from the time period add to the authenticity of the book.
Text features: maps, labels, picture captions, photographs/paintings, fact insert pages/boxes, time line, index.
Author's Note includes more in-depth facts about these events.
*Highly recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.
A relative of mine (Dr. Benjamin Rush), a Son of Liberty in Philadelphia, is mentioned in this book!

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