Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern

Ms. Ahern writes creative, unique books which I have enjoyed immensely.  Sadly, I stopped reading this book about a third into it.  Although the story line was excellent and intriguing, my conscience prompted me to stop because of the swearing. the main character slept with a  guy (nothing explicit was described-the reader just knows without a doubt it happened), a reference to a morning-after pill . . .

Summary of the book:
Kitty Logan, a journalist, mistakenly broadcasts a false story about a teacher which ends her career on television.  Her mentor, Constance,  is dying from cancer and offers her a lead to a story she always had wanted to write.  After Constance dies, Kitty finds the file folder.  The folder contains  a single list of 100 names of people.  It is up to Kitty to find each person, make the connection between each individual and write a story (which could save her career).

-Borrowed from the library.

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