Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Under Drake's Flag by G.A. Henty Executive Producer: Bill Heid Written and Produced by John Fornof*

This was an audio theater production.
I thought this was a book on CD but was pleasantly surprised to discover it was an actual performance with sound effects!  This production was top-notch.  We were mesmerized the entire time and did not want to leave our van when we reached our destination!

I have been reading positive comments about books written by G. A. Henty.  He died over a hundred years ago but during his life he wrote 122 books, mostly historical adventures which appeal to boys and make history come alive.

Under Drakes Flag takes the reader on an adventure with Sir Francis Drake.  Ned and Gerald are young lads when they join his crew, but under his leadership grow up to be good, Christian men.  Adventures abound in this story (storms at sea, shark attacks, sea rescues, lots of battles and escapes from prisons).
Recommended ages: 6-adult (lots of battles so at times violent; The Inquisition is part of the story where the torture was freely used to combat heresy.) 

Included are a prayer by Sir Francis Drake and a study guide (discussion questions for each section, expanding vocabulary lists!, and three different Bible studies).  WOW!!  This production and CD showcases Christians striving for excellence and using their gifts for Him.
**Highly, highly recommend.
Now I want to read an actual book to see if they are as exciting as the theater production!
Under Drake's Flag: The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty

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