Thursday, February 9, 2017

Awesome Lego Creations With Bricks You Already Have by Sarah Dees

I have followed Mrs. Dees' blog since my oldest son was a toddler and was thrilled to see that she published a book!
In this book she shows various lego creations her boys have created over the years.
She encourages the reader to be creative and not think they have to use exactly what they suggest.
She even offers tips where to purchase specific bricks.
Check out Mrs. Dee's blog:
(*She has lego storage ideas, craft ideas and STEM activities listed on the blog.)
My boys were not into this book as I had thought they would be.  My oldest likes having the exact pieces he needs in a bag while this book requires the builder to hunt for specific bricks.  Our bricks are all mixed up so I think he was overwhelmed!  My youngest actually made a few creations and was very proud of himself!
A must-have book for lego-lovers and builders who are a bit more creative and free-spirit.

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