Monday, January 30, 2017

The Love Dare for Parents by Stephen and Alex Kendrick*

This book promotes daily actions for parents as they interact with their children.  A couple of pages expounds on the main point and then challenges the parents to do something immediately in response to the reading.  Journal pages are provided after each entry.  It is designed to be read and completed over 40 days (I read it over five days.).
Reading this book made me aware of my faults and also helped me think about loving my children in a way that will last for eternity.
The appendices contain helpful information and lists (ideas to maximize family time, how to pray for children, peace with God, verses for kids to memorize, questions to ask kids and more).
Quotes/concepts I want to remember:
pg.  3 "Truth guides what you say while love guides how, why  and when you say it.  When love is the fertile soil, truth becomes a more fruitful seed."

pg. 6 Two attributes continually show up when you love someone: patience and kindness.  "Patience is how love diffuses something negative; kindness is how love initiates something positive."

pg. 32 "Irritability usually flows from two bitter springs: stress and selfishness."

pg. 46-47 "Parents who do not enjoy being around their own children need to seriously ask themselves if they have really taken the time to train them how to be considerate, gracious and likable."

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