Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Life-Giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson*

Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming
Mother and daughter share, month by month, ways to celebrate the season, the beauty and traditions of the specific month.
This book does not just list creative ideas but explores the philosophy of creating a home that shelters, nurtures and uplifts the individual souls- a place where the residents can become the person God intended them to be and feel accepted and loved.   They emphasize that the home is not the physical building but the people and their chosen traditions and priorities.  Sarah motivates the reader on pg. 39 to, " Consider your home and what it reflects about your beliefs.  And then consider how you, filled with the same creative energy that formed cosmos, might fill and form the spaces of your home."   The ladies share the culture of their home and encourage the reader to develop his/her own home culture and to consider the importance of hospitality, beauty, safety, knowledge/wisdom, relationship, nourishment (food!), and rest.
I loved how this mother-daughter team delves deeper into why we celebrate and treasure traditions.  Each idea is well-thought out and intentional.   I wanted to highlight many sentences to remember and ponder but alas it is a library book!
pg. 110 "Scripture is the vocabulary of the Holy Spirit." -Sarah
pg. 156 "Life is a story.  Have you realized this?  Your one life is a great tale, one facet of God's continuing narrative within the world."-Sarah
pg. 163 "We may not get to chose the story into which we are born, but we do get to chose what part we will play within it.  Daily we have the creative choice to respond, to make, to give, to love."-Sarah
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*Highly recommend.

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