Thursday, January 26, 2017

The King of Prussia and a Peanut Butter Sandwich by Alice Fleming illustrated by Ronald Himler*

This short historical account of Mennonites immigrating to Kansas was fascinating.
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia (later Eastern Germany and now just the eastern section of Germany), became "great" by declaring war on his neighbors and taking over their countries.  To defend his large and powerful nation, he required all able-bodied males to be part of the military.  The Mennonites do not believe in joining armies or fighting in wars.  Some Mennonites immigrated to the United States and settled in Pennsylvania. The Mennonites in this account, however, traveled to Russia to live.  There they learn how to grow Turkey Red wheat (winter wheat).  After a hundred years, Russia no longer agreed to permit them to live there without being part of the military.  As a result, these Mennonites immigrated to Newton, Kansas where they continued to growing and harvesting Turkey Red wheat.
*Highly recommend (especially for those families who come from a Mennonite heritage).
-Borrowed via inter-library loan.

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