Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic by Jennifer Trafton illustrated by Brett Helquist*

Ten year old Persimmony Smudge loves adventure.  One day adventure finds her as she chases after her hat.  She soon learns that the Island at the Center of Everything is actually on top of a sleeping giant!  As she tries to warn the kingdom, she finds herself deeper in trouble and well, adventure!
Quirky characters like Rumblebumps (sea loving creatures with huge feet), Worvil (a worrier), Leafeaters (reclusive inhabitants of the underground city of Willowroot-very proper and somber creatures), Lucas the Loftier (the thirteen year old king who craves pepper).
The island's various inhabitants have lived in mistrust and with silly disputes for years.  Can they come together to save their island?
I found myself smiling many times over the fun, creative characters and word play throughout the book.  This book is perfect for the reader who appreciates imagination, creativity and cleverness.
One line I want to remember-"Life is a mess and a miracle.  So pick up a broom and dance."
A concept I want to remember-Theodore the Wise makes Giving Pots.  He cannot control what each pot gives.  He just makes pots.  The pot gives the owner what he/she needs.  King Lucas is quite disconcerted about reaching in his pot to find his hand slopping in milk!  He doesn't need milk!  He needs pepper!  But alas, the pot knows he needs milk.  For with the milk, he feeds a stray cat who then softens his heart, making him a more gracious king.  This little event reminded me how God gives us what we need.  He sees the big picture whereas we just see the immediate.
*Highly recommend.
**A fantasy full of adventure and humor without magic, evil characters, and killing.
-Borrowed from the library.

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