Saturday, April 9, 2016

The First Marathon The Legend of Pheidippides by Susan Reynolds illustrated by Daniel Minter*

Wow!  What a fascinating read!
This book relates how Pheidippides (Fi-DIP-uh-deez), an Athenian who loved to run, literally gave his life to Athens by running.  He was a herald in the army who would run and deliver messages for the general.
One day the Persians advance on Greece so Pheidippides runs to Sparta for the Spartans' help.  By the time the battle is finished, he has run a total of two hundred eighty miles (plus has fought in the battle).
In his honor, marathons began; named after his route from the battle of Marathon to Athens (which was about 24.8 miles).
*Highly recommend.
*Borrowed from the library.
The author provides more information and history about Pheidippides, the legend and the history of marathons in the back.

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