Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tom Swift Young Inventor #5 by Victor Appleton*

Tom Swift heads to Mt. Everest with his friend Bud to test his latest an invention-a foil kite snowboard and robot Sherpa.  Then Tom believes he spies a Yeti.  A group of vicious Yeti hunters has Tom concern and he sets out to protect the mysterious creature.
My third grader read this to himself.  He loves this series.  He especially liked the parts that involved the Yeti.
This is a "hi-low" book -meaning it is an easy book that appeals to older readers.  So older readers who are considered a struggling reader/below grade level will enjoy this book.
*Highly recommend.
*Borrowed from the library.
Warning/point to discuss: Tom has crush on a girl in the book and lies about it.

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