Monday, April 11, 2016

Waylon! One Awesome Thing #1 by Sara Pennypacker illustrated by Marla Frazee*

The team who has entertained readers with the Clementine series, now has created a new series featuring-Waylon, a science-loving fourth grader in Clementine's class.
Fourth grade is proving tumultuous.  Arlo, the king of the school, is dividing the class up into teams.  Apparently, Waylon is not smart enough or athletic enough to belong to either team.
On the home front, his fourteen old sister has decided to wear torn black clothing and be called Neon (her real name is Charlotte Bronte) and respond to everything, "What is the point?".
"Why can't everyone just get along?" ponders Waylon.
Then life becomes quite exciting when a new kid arrives. . .only he is not really a new kid. Baxter had spent a couple of days in third grade the previous year and had caused havoc.  When Baxter arrives it seems like he sporting a beard!!  and a scar on his face.  Maybe he was in a knife fight while in prison?
A wonderful book about navigating through relationships and life.
*Highly recommend.
*Borrowed from the library.
In the copy I borrowed, it seemed like a page or words were missing on pgs. 11-12.
Points to discuss/warnings: Waylon loves science and an "old world view" belief purported and evolution is taken as a fact.  Waylon's favorite scientist is Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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