Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Dragon Prince by Laurence Yep illustrated by Kam Mak*

A Chinese Beauty and the Beast Tale
When I spied this book on the shelf in our library, I knew I had to bring this home to share with my nine year old who loves dragons.
A farmer has seven daughters and each one is named after which order she was born.  The third daughter, Three, is ugly and a jealous type.  On the other hand, Seven, is sweet and kind and also beautiful.  While in the fields one day, Three almost kills a snake.  Just in time Seven appears with lunch and rescues the snake.  The snake is really a dragon who captures the farmer.  He will not release him unless he gives one of his daughters for a wife.  Seven agrees to marry the dragon and is pleasantly surprised to discover the dragon really is a wealthy, handsome prince.
When he allows her to return home to visit her family, jealous Three pursues an evil deed.  Will the prince ever see his beautiful, kind wife again?
Strategies: character traits, connections (T-T)
*Highly recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.
The illustrations are stunning.

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