Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park*

Based on a True Story
Ms. Park heard about Salva Dut's nonprofit organization Water for Sudan and was able to interview him about his life.  From those interviews, she wrote this book based on his life.
She reveals the turmoil Salva experiences in war-torn Sudan and how he vows to help his country to have clean water.  The story begins in 1985 when Salva flees for his life into the bush to escape Muslim soldiers, away from his family and home.  For eleven years he travels the desert and lives in several refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya.  During that time, he leads twelve hundred boys to Kenya to a refugee camp.  These boys are called "The Lost Boys".  Ultimately Salva is blessed to be sent to Rochester, NY where a family adopts him.  He, however, does not rest in the comfort of the United States but begins his nonprofit organization to help his country.
An alternating story is interwoven throughout the book about the girl Nya who must walk far just for water and how her life is impacted positively by Salva.
An inspiring story!
I am not sure kids will pick up this book on their own accord.  But, once they begin to read it, they will be drawn to the amazing story.
Points to discuss: war, violence
Grade Level Equivalent: 4.4
*Highly recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.

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