Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson Performed by Jim Dale

Audio book
Mr. Dale did a tremendous job recording this book.  His voices were authentic for each character.

Did you ever wonder how Peter Pan become the boy who could fly and who never grows up?  This book will provide answers to these questions.
Peter, an orphan, is on a ship with his four fellow orphans who are destined to become a king's servants.  A mysterious trunk and spunky girl name Molly make the voyage especially exciting.  Apparently the trunk contains powerful magic.  Before he knows it, Peter is fighting pirates, flying, outsmarting savages and a crocodile and communicating with mermaids.  Can he save the lives of his friends and the mysterious trunk?
Peter is an admirable character who is intelligent, resourceful and caring.  He places himself in danger to ensure his friends are safe and time after time, chooses to save lives even if he could perish.
The authors effortlessly developed the characters well and described scenes vividly yet kept each chapter packed with suspense and adventure.
Guided Reading Level: X (6th grade)
Warning: The reason I am not highly recommending it is a couple of times an adult male says "d---"-totally unnecessary.  Molly's nanny spends a lot of time in a shipmate's room in the evenings(but it is not elaborated).  The pirates  .  . .act like pirates so there is a lot "stupids" and "dumbs"  being expressed.  The fighting scenes were sometimes graphic, describing that there was blood.

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