Friday, March 24, 2017

The Wingfeather Saga- Book #1-On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

Janner has always lived in fear of the Fangs (reptile like creatures) from Dang who rule the village of Glipwood and also the Black Carriage that carries away children to Gnag the Nameless.
The book quickly dives into the plot where Janner, his brother Tink and sister Leeli fear for their lives as the Fangs pursue them and their family.   As the days pass by, Janner has more questions than answers.  Where are the jewels of Anniera?  Who was his father?  Why does Podo (their grandfather) despise Peet the Sock Man?
Very quirky characters and imaginative story will entertain readers beyond belief!
Some parts are quite scary with evil deeds and characters.  Mr. Peterson seems to know when the plot is becoming too serious or desperate and inserts a comment or an event that is extremely humorous (a lot of times with bodily noises!).
Warning: I read this aloud to my first and fourth grader.  It may be, however, too scary or violent for some elementary students.  The Fangs are evil and cruel and take delight in torturing and killing the humans.  There are battle scenes and Fang green blood is spilled.
*Highly, highly recommend.
-I own this book.
**Part of a series -4 books in the series.
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