Monday, March 6, 2017

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl-Squirrel Meets World by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

I am not a superhero expert.  I had never heard of Squirrel Girl but enjoyed this rendition of this Marvel Super Hero.
Mr. and Mrs. Hale developed Doreen, aka Squirrel Girl, into a very likable character with traits,  well, . . . .like a squirrel's personality!  I loved Doreen's optimism, intelligence and problem solving skills.

Doreen, part human and part squirrel, moves with her parents from sunny California to a forsaken neighborhood in New Jersey.  Some villain is trying to capture squirrels and torment dogs.  Doreen cannot stand back and keep her tail squished into her pants!  She must use her squirrel powers to not only help these creatures, but the human ones as well.
Very exciting!
The chapters alternate with different points of view, including the squirrels' points of view!  I sometimes did not care for the squirrel talk (rather annoying).  Doreen adds footnote comments throughout the book for added humor and insight.
-Borrowed from the library.
Warning/points to discuss: At times, there are inferences of swearing.  The villain captures a baby and puts in a cage hanging from a ceiling (the baby is unharmed).

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