Friday, June 30, 2017

Edge of Extinction : The Ark Plan by Laura Martin*

Sky has lived her entire twelve years underground in the North Compound.  For one hundred fifty years cloned dinosaurs have ruled the above ground world.  Now a message from her missing father requires Sky to sneak above ground and deliver a memory card to someone in Lake Michigan.  All of her life she thought no one lived above ground!
To survive above ground, Sky must adjust to a new way of thinking and moving.  The doctrine she has been taught begins prove erroneous and deceitful.
*Highly recommend for upper elementary and junior high (perfect for reluctant readers in this age group).
Very exciting with memorable characters and escapes from vicious dinosaurs.
Warning/potential concerns: Violence: Sky finds out that her mother did not die while giving birth to her but was murdered.  Dinosaur attacks may be scary for younger readers.  The marines use guns to try to harm/kill Sky and her friends.  The one marine leader is evil and hints that Sky's father was murdered.  Evolution theory is treated as fact.

Sequel to this book just came out at the end of May 2017-

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