Sunday, June 11, 2017

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier*

When Peter was an infant, sailors  found him in a basket with his eyes pecked out.  At a port town he was adopted by an evil man, Mr. Seamus who trained him to be a thief.  Peter stole for Mr. Seamus and in return had a place to sleep (in a dank basement) and food to eat (scraps).  One night Peter steals a box which changes his life forever . . . .three pairs of eyes which can transform and transport him.  Peter soon is on an island where the children are slaves and the parents are drugged to serve a malicious king.  Can the children, Peter, Peg, Sir Tode and the ravens overthrow the king and his army (trained apes)?
Very exciting and full of adventures.
-I own this book.
*Highly recommend but read the "warning" below:
Warning: The battle scene is a bit gruesome at the end.  It is disconcerting to have adults almost murder their own children (they don't and they are under the influence of the king's drug which wears off just in time).  This book is not for younger children.
I listened to a podcast with Mr. Auxier and he is a delightful individual.

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