Sunday, July 24, 2016

As Time Goes By by Mary Higgins Clark

Delaney, a television journalist, longs to find her birth mother.
Betsy Grant, a wife of a surgeon who was suffering from early on-set Alzheimer's disease,  is charged with his murder.
As Delaney attends the court hearings and reports the events on the evening news, she finds herself sympathizing with Betsy, concluding that she is innocent.
Meanwhile, Delaney's friends Alvirah and Willy Meehan (favorite characters from Ms. Clark's other novels) investigate into her birth parents and after much searching they come upon an interesting discovery!
Very suspenseful.
Ms. Clark's a classy writer whose writing I have loved since I was a teenager!  She proves one does not need to include swearing, intimate scenes or trashy scenes to make a book sell.
I was a bit tired of reading the courtroom scenes in the beginning of the book.
-Borrowed from the library.

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