Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker by Jessica Ahlberg*

"A Peek-Through Story"
Lucy tries to read aloud a folk tale to her dog, Mr. Barker, but he jumps out the bedroom window into . . .fairy tale land where he and Lucy meet various fairy tale/folk tale characters.  Will they be able to escape from the giant, the three bears and the wolf?
A lot of the pages have cut outs so you can peer into the next page.
A great book to make connections and retell fairy tale/folk tale stories.
I love Lucy's bedroom!  The decorations and toys incorporate many fairy/folk tale stories.
Text set: Pair with all Ahlberg books- The Jolly Postman or The Jolly Christmas Postman or The Goldilocks Variations.
Strategy: connections (T-T)
-Borrowed from the library.
*Highly recommend.

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