Monday, July 11, 2016

The Dragon's Tooth by N.D. Wilson

Cyrus Smith and his siblings live in and run The Archer Motel in Wisconsin.  Their mother lies in a coma in a nearby hospital and their father is dead.
Summer is about to begin when a mysterious man appears, demanding to sleep in Cyrus's room.  This man brings electrifying danger, evil enemies and magical objects that forever transform the Smith family's lives.
Cyrus and his sister are whisked away to the Order of Brendan, a place where individuals train to keep the world safe.  Yet because of the objects Cyrus has in his possession, the Order is now in danger from Mr. Ashes or The Phoenix.  Courage and loyalty are put to the test when he descends upon the Order intent on wiping out each person.
Very exciting and action packed.
I did not enjoy it as much as some readers may . . . I did not care for the violence and the darker tone.
Warning: violence (description of people dying, the Phoenix enjoys violence, guns are used to kill at times)

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