Sunday, July 17, 2016

Milo Speck Accidental Agent by Linda Urban

Milo is dutifully matching socks for Grandmother when he sees a gigantic yellow sock in his laundry basket.  All of his dad's socks are polka dotted (required by Tuckerman Fencing where he works).  So he reaches into the dryer to find the missing sock but it is not within reach.  So petite Milo crawls in the dryer to search thoroughly.  Only he tumbles into Ogregon, a land of Ogres.  As he runs for life (Ogres love boy!), he discovers a dastardly plan that threatens the children population his world, befriends his father's boss, communicates with turkeys, and ascertains that his father's job was not exactly what he was led to believe.
A very exciting book.
-Borrowed from the library.
Warnings/points to discuss: A lot of "shut ups".  The reader can infer that an Ogre couple may be "enjoying" each other in the female's office.  One phrase that indicates the character said a swear word but the word is not printed.

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