Monday, December 12, 2016

Paper Angels-DVD

After reading Walk to Beautiful by Jimmy Wayne, I researched other books he has written.  Instead of reading his book Paper Angels to myself, I borrowed the DVD based on his book to share with the family.
It is recommended for 12 years or older (see warnings) but we were ok with our first and fourth grader watching it.
Thomas's mom jumps in the car with him and his sister to flee her abusive husband.  As the threesome struggles to make ends meet, Thomas experiences bullying at school and figures out a way to rise above it.  Meanwhile, Kevin is the owner of a floundering business.  His biggest concern, however, is his wife about to give birth to twin boys.  One of the boys is not developing at the proper rate.
These two stories are woven together but the characters do not necessarily ever realize the impact the one has on the other.
Our first grader was amazed that Thomas gave away all of his gifts!!
Thomas is an amazing role model!
Warnings/points to discuss: abuse (alcohol and physical), bullies/cyber bullying
*Highly recommend.
-Borrowed from the library.
Paper Angels

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