Friday, December 30, 2016

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp*

A Daring Path into the Abundant Life
Mrs. Voskamp desires an abundant life in the God and shares  how when one is broken-vulnerable, sharing one's weaknesses and struggles, new life in Him can begin.
Through stories from her own life, she bears her soul, her struggles, her fears.  
**Her writing is poetic and dramatic so individuals who are more practical in personality may not enjoy this type of writing.
The copy I read was the library's but so often I wished it was my own copy so I could highlight profound sentences!  Within a paragraph, there would be one sentence so penetrating that I wanted to hold onto it and preserve it.  This book requires careful, meditative reading as the depth and lasting impact may be lost in less contemplative reading.
*Highly recommend for lovers of poetry and philosophy.
-Borrowed from the library.
Warning: (if read by teens-Mrs. Voskamp use to cut her self as a teenager and shares some details about this destructive behavior throughout the book.)

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